Emergency And Safety

Emergency Evacuation Plan

Sahag-Mesrob Armenian Christian School has an agreement with Armenian Brotherhood Bible Church for the usage of their gym in case the school has to evacuate the students due to a mandated evacuation by governmental agencies.

The school will transport students in this event and will provide emergency supplies. Parents will be instructed to pick up their child/ren from the church gym.

The church address is 1536 E. Washington Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91104

Follow Fire and Earthquake procedures as instructed by the teachers. For drill purposes, always congregate at he parking lot South of the Gymnasium.

Exit plan:

  • From Classrooms - Exit classroom and exit building from the South side and move towards the parking lot in front of the gymnasium. If South side is blocked, exit from the North side.
  • From the Computer Lab- Exit lab from North side and hallway to courtyard. Move South to the parking lot near the gymnasium.
  • From Chapel Halls – Exit halls to designated basketball court open areas.

If at any time the roadway is blocked, follow instructions from the teachers. Do not leave your class and always be with your designated buddy.

Lost & Found

All school articles, lunch boxes, backpacks and uniforms should be clearly labeled with the child’s full name and grade level to ensure identification. Lost articles without identification will be placed in a lost and found located in the school office.

Parents are encouraged to check the lost and found frequently for missing articles. Unclaimed items will be given to charity during Christmas vacation and at the end of the school year.