Governing Body

The school is governed by SMACS Association, Inc. The corporation has nine Board members under whose guidance and supervision the school operates. Only Association members may vote or be elected to office.

2013-2014 Board of Directors:

  1. Mr. Gary Jerjerian - Chairman
  2. Mr. Abraham Haleblian - Vice-Chairman
  3. Mr. Vahak Agojian - Secretary
  4. Mrs. Nune Sepetjian - Treasurer
  5. Mrs. Sossy Astourian - Chair, Development Committee
  6. Mr. Asbed Bedikian - Chair, Christian Life Committee
  7. Mr. Hovan Sarkissian - Chair, Building Committee
  8. Mr. Greg Mooshagian - Chair, Education Committee
  9. Rev. Vatche Ekmekjian

Our Board of Directors are elected by ASSOCIATION MEMBERS. To become an Association Member, please see our Administration Office.

In addition, the school has variety of committees and sub-committees who are formed and approved by the Board of Directors like:
Christian Life Committee
Education Committee
Finance Committee
Fundraising ad hoc Committee
Development Committee
Building Committee
Public Relations Committee
Parent and Teachers Fellowship (PTF)
Association Committee