Sahag-Mesrob Armenian Christian School
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School Policies

We want to make this year an exceptional year for all of us. We want to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We must work together and seek divine guidance to help us achieve these goals. The school makes great effort to ensure the health and safety of each student and faculty member.  Parents are required to adhere to the guidelines set forth to help us achieve this goal.
Medical Records: The following records must be provided and updated regularly: Strong illness & Communicable Diseases:

Students who show symptoms of illness should stay home for their own best interest and for the well being of others.
Students returning to school following an illness or an absence must submit a written excuse, stating dates of absence, reason for absence, and parent’s signature, to the classroom teacher. ( California State Health Code).
A child returning from an absence due to a Communicable Disease must present a written release form from the doctor prior to admittance to class.  The school has the final authority whether or not to admit a child to class.  Please refer to the communicable disease chart for guidelines.

Administering of Medication:

The school will assist in administering medication to students under the following guidelines:

First Aid Treatment:
Injured students are given appropriate first-aid, depending on their type of injury.  Treatment by the school staff is limited to:

Illness at School:
Students who get sick at school must receive permission from the classroom teacher before going to the school office.  Parents will be contacted to pick up their child as soon as possible in the event of an illness.  The school is not equipped to provide extended care for sick children.  In the event that parents cannot be reached by phone, persons authorized on the emergency card will be contacted to pick the child up.  (Working parents should make arrangements in advance for the care of children when they are sick).

Student Injury at School:
In the event that a student is seriously injured at school, parents will be contacted immediately.  In the event that parents cannot be contacted and the student’s condition merits, paramedics will be called.  The school office will continue to make attempts to reach the parents and/or other emergency card contacts, even after the paramedics have been called.  An accident report will be completed by the teacher or staff member who was on duty when the accident occurred.

Child Abuse Reports:
The school will abide with penal code, sec. 11166, which requires that private school personnel report any observed or suspected instances of child abuse, both by telephone and in writing to the appropriate public authorities.

Student Accident Insurance:SMACS students are covered for medical expenses due to injury while at school or at school sponsored events. This is a deductible policy and excludes any covered medical expenses payable under any other valid and collectible insurance or service medical plan.
Lunch and Snack:
Disaster Preparedness:
The school has taken several measures toward the safety of students and faculty in the event of a disaster during the school day. Students and faculty are taught basic disaster training, and frequent fire and earthquake drills are conducted during the school year.

Most SMACS faculty and staff are First Aid and CPR certified.
In the case of a fire at school: In the event of a severe earthquake: