Sahag-Mesrob Armenian Christian School
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Parent Volunteer Program

Not in effect during COVID-19 pandemic

Sahag-Mesrob has always encouraged and created a culture and the opportunity for families to volunteer inside and outside of the school. This, we believe, is a valuable and a great example to our young generation. We promote the spirit of volunteerism.

With the start of the next school academic year, Sahag-Mesrob will continue the Parent Volunteer Program, whereby, we require for each family to volunteer a minimum of 20 hours per academic year.

We certainly understand and appreciate it that many families may not be able to help due to job or other personal commitments. If families can not fulfill the minimum 20 hour volunteer time, we simply ask that families pay $300/per family per year so that the school will use the money to hire the individuals needed, which otherwise would have been filled by a parent volunteer.

There will many opportunities and areas for families, this includes dads, moms, and children, to help in the school like Sports Program, PTF, Yard Duty, Fund Raising, Teacher/Class Help, Teacher Sub (If qualified) Repair or Renovations, and others. There will be a list that we will ask you to sign up during the evening of the Back to School Night meetings.

Per Federal and State Law, each person engaged with school activity, volunteer or not, to present a live scanned finger print results, which is reviewed and cleared by Department of Justice (DOJ) and other government agencies. If you need assistance in this regards, simply ask the Administration Office.

Thank you for your support!