Sahag-Mesrob Armenian Christian School
I can do everything through Him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

School Activities

Sahag-Mesrob has a vast program of extra-curricular activities to encourage parent participation, community involvement, and promote learning and sharing by students. Some of these activities are planned to raise money to meet the school's financial obligations. Registration and tuition fees cover about 70% of the school's budget. The balance is generated from donations and fund raising activities.

Annual School Activities for the school and family include:

Student Activities:
Student Council:
6th through 8th grade students meet with the Principal to elect student officers in each class. The student council meets to discuss ways to enhance school activities and present recommendations to improve overall school activities. To be on the student council, a student must have a "C" or better in all subjects and "S" or better in conduct. Elections are held during the 2nd quarter of the school year.

Birthday Parties:
May be planned once a month for students born in that month. Planning must be done in advance with the homeroom teacher and held during lunchtime only.  Parents are asked to bring only Cup Cakes to celebrate their child's birthday.

Note: Parents who wish to give a Birthday party outside the school are asked to please consider inviting the whole class, only boys, or only girls to not exclude or single out a few children.

Birthday Book Club:
Birthdays are excellent opportunities to donate books to the school Library. Each donated book will have a bookplate with the student's name. These books will be read, valued and treasured by everyone for many years.

Field Trips:
Field trips are an integral part of the learning experience. Teachers arrange approximately three to four field trips each year to enrich the curriculum in Science, Math, Art, Social Studies and fun activities.

These activities are scheduled, parents are notified, permission slips signed in advance, fees charged, and volunteers required for car-pooling. The homeroom teacher, in consultation with the Administration, selects parents for carpooling and supervision.

Only parents who have been selected and agree to follow school policies and guidelines given by the teacher may go to the field trip. Siblings, relatives, or grandparents are NOT ALLOWED to go to the field trip. This is in accordance to the school's insurance policy guidelines. Occasionally, parents will be asked to use their cars for transportation to and from a field trip. These parents will be required to present the office proof of proper car insurance.